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Viking Exhibition

Multiple artifact findings from the Viking Era has been made in Hämeenlinna. Your researcher colleague has been erecting an exhibition based on these revolutionary findings.

Lately Matias has been acting a bit weirdly, but you didn’t think it was anything special – just usual work stress due to his excitement about the findings. However, last week the security guards stumbled upon a very psychotic researcher in his office. Matias was immediately taken into care, and the nurses haven’t reported him speaking anything ever since.

Yesterday you received a very odd note from Matias. At first it seemed like scribblings of a mentally ill man, but then something made you curious. What was it that triggered Matias’ behavior? Why did the researcher become ill and confused right before the opening of the exhibition? Could the exhibition or Matias’ office give you any answers?

Due to the exhibition’s opening being postponed and access being restricted from outsiders, you might have to resolve into extreme measures to find out the solution to all these questions and help your dear friend.

Viking Exhibition is available as a regular and as a Challenge game.
Maximum group size for Viking Exhibition is 7 players.


Are You ready for the challenge?

Witch brothers


Are you ready for the challenge?

Witch brothers escape room has some scary elements and horror themes. Therefore the recommended age limit for this room is 12. 

It’s the spring of 1665 and  the notorious brothers Esko and Urbanus have been captured and thrown into the dungeons of Häme Castle. Esko and Urbanus both have been sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft.

The brothers have saved you from trouble more than once and there fore you feel it is your duty to demand the release of Esko and Urbanus

You arrive at the castle and demand the immediate release of the brothers. However, your demands are rudely ignored, and you are thrown into a dungeon as minions of the sorcerer brothers. Will you be able to find out the true side of things and help the brothers while imprisoned?

The maximum player amount for this room is six (6) players. 

Witch brothers room is not yet available in English. We will get the English version ready in November 2022.

Knight’s Destiny

The time has arrived for the classic medieval tournament to take place in the Häme Castle. Knights from all around Finland have gathered to fight and defend their own castle’s glory. A local knight, Eetwartti Tavastboer, has surprised everyone by declining the offer on continuing the battle in the tournament. He firmly believes that the future of chivalry has died.

The stadtholder of the Häme Castle is worried for the success of the tournament, and therefore has hired you, the famous group of prophets, to predict the knightmanship’s future for Eetwartti. You are promised a noteworthy reward in advance, to ensure the positive outcome needed for Eetwartti’s return to the battlefields. Still, your pride makes you want to help Eetwartti properly in the middle of his crisis, and you decide to visit him in his chambers. Will you be able to seek help in Eetwartti’s situation? And what ends up happening with the Häme Castle tournament?

Nb! The maximum players amount for Knight’s Destiny is five (5) players per room. We can not let bigger groups in to the room.


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Frozen forest


Are you ready for the challenge?

Nb! Children’s escape game Frozen Forest is only available in Finnish!

The Valley of Eternal Summer has faced a difficult situation: the whole valley has ended up under an icy spell and the sun won’t rise at all. An old wizard living in the valley has disappeared, and all the animals have frozen still. The valley needs immediate help!

Will you be able to find out the cause of the icy spell, save the frozen creatures and restore the sun back to the sky?

The maximum player amount for Frozen Forest is six players. More info of The Frozen Forest here.



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