Has your group 6-14 players in it?

Viking Exhibition room can also be played as a challenge game. So if there’s 6 to 14 persons in your group challenge game is perfect for you! In challenge game your team will be divided into two teams. Both teams will play in identical rooms simultaneously so you the teams can compete against time as well as the other team.

A bigger group?

In room escape games teamwork, problem solving and communication with your team members are the most valuable skills and they will certainly be put in to test during the game. Room escape game offers a unique shared experience to the team –the success in solving problems and puzzles gives positive feedback and improves the team spirit.

Getaway room escape is also a great option for  bachelor parties, birthdays and get-togethers with friends. If you want to put your friends intelligence in test or start the bachelor party with a great surprise, don’t hesitate to ask us! Let’s make your celebration unforgettable.

The intensity of a escape room unifies any group. We’ll gladly tell you more about the possibilities for different kinds of groups!

Interested? Contact us via the form below.

Children’s birthday party at Getaway

Getaway Hämeenlinnan vuokrattava kokoustila ja synttärihuone.

Now you can book our beautiful birthday room in addition to playing the children’s escape game Frozen Forest. In the birthday room you can serve cake and other treats and have activities for the guests. The birthday room costs 65€ / h if you play the escape game Frozen Forest at the same visit. The cost of the escape game depends on the player amount as usual. The maximum player amount for Frozen Forest is six players.

We can also offer magician for the birthday! If you’re interested in magician services, please ask for more details.

If you’d like to rent the birthday room in addition to the Frozen Forest game, contact us via the form below.

Coffee or a meeting at Getaway

Now you can arrange a meeting or a coffee break in our conference room with your team after playing one of our escape games. Maximum of 10 persons can enjoy a cup of coffee or have a meeting in our beautiful and airy conference room. We can also arrange coffee and small sweet or salty snacks ready for you. The conference room costs 65€ / h (incl. VAT 10%). Coffee or snacks do not include in the price.

If you’d like to book our conference room in addition to an escape game, contact us via the form below.

Getaway Hämeenlinnan vuokrattava kokoustila ja synttärihuone.

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