Our Story


Getaway Room Escape is an escape game company originating from Tampere, offering passionately crafted, high-quality, and addictive escape room games for groups of friends, families, couples, and corporate clients. In Tampere, Getaway has been operating since 2016, and in Hämeenlinna since 2019.

Our atmospheric escape game center in Hämeenlinna is located within the moats of the castle, in a stunning 1840s correctional facility. So, people have been trying to escape from here for quite a while!

In Hämeenlinna, our selection includes a total of five escape rooms with four different themes, as well as an outdoor city adventure, Lost Love. In our three locations in Tampere, there are a total of ten escape rooms with eight different themes, and the city adventure Lost Love.

In addition, from our locations and online store, you can find the best and most fun escape board games, gift cards for our escape rooms, and our self-made escape game book, “Pakoretki mestauslavalta”.

We love to see people succeeding together and getting the thrill of solving a puzzle.

Our team

Getaway Games Oy:n tiimi. Ossi Ojala, Arlene Ojala, Jouni Tomberg ja Akseli Tomberg.

Behind Getaway’s rooms, there is a tight-knit team of four: Ossi Ojala, Jouni Tomberg, Arlene Ojala, and Akseli Tomberg.

Ossi is the founder of Getaway and with over seven years of escape game entrepreneurship, he has solid expertise in escape game and puzzle design, as well as room construction. Ossi is our fearless innovator who never runs out of ideas. He (in a positive sense) sees puzzles everywhere and loves to create and build new types of puzzles and escape rooms.

Jouni has a PhD in electrical engineering. He excels in both electronics design and the practical implementation of electronic and mechanical puzzles. In his free time, Jouni is actively involved in Mensa and writes short stories. His writings have gained recognition in writing competitions, and he has even won prizes in prestigious writing contests.

Arlene is our marketing and sales reinforcement, with expertise in hr, leadership, digital communication, and project management. Arlene is a practical and efficient implementer who ensures that things run smoothly both in our digital channels and in real life at our offices. Arlene is also responsible for our office interiors and escape rooms visual elements.

Akseli is the latest addition to our team. Akseli is a versatile all-rounder, responsible for the coding and Arduino programming of our games, as well as assisting in construction, brainstorming, and game deployment tasks.

Our mission

We aim to provide our customers with a unique experience that begins as soon as they walk through our front door. In our escape rooms, we’ve invested in the storyline, atmosphere, and puzzles. All our rooms are inspired by local stories, themes, or history. We carefully design the puzzles to be diverse, logical, and in line with the room’s theme, and we thoroughly test the games before release. Each room and every puzzle is developed and built by our own puzzle masters.

We believe that a successful escape game experience is based not only on fantastic rooms but also on top-notch customer service. That’s why each of our games has its own game master who ensures the comfort of your group. The game master goes through the game instructions with you before the game, answers any questions that arise, focuses on your game, explains any lingering questions after the game, and takes a photo of you if you wish, as a memento.

We strive to create the best escape game experiences in Finland, where you and your team can be surprised, inspired, and successful together – and fall in love with escape games, just like we have!

Delight your loved ones and book your game now.