Info & FAQ

What is an escape room?

Escape room is a real-life escape room game where you have 60 minutes to solve different kind of puzzles and solve the mystery of the room. Can you and your group solve all the puzzles in 60 minutes and Getaway from the room?

Teamwork is really important in escape room games. By co-operating well with your team you have better chances to solve the puzzles and escape from the room. In this game your problem solving, communication and teamwork skills are truly tested.

Escape room game is a break from your everyday life. During the game you won’t be thinking anything else than the puzzles in the room. The game will get you hooked with the sensation of succeeding and focusing on the story and puzzles.

Why choose Getaway?

Getaway room escape is a Tampere-based room escape enterprise. We offer high quality room escape games with intriguing stories. Our atmospheric escape room center in Hämeenlinna is located in the old Häme prison which was build in the year of 1844.

We want to provide our customers an unique experience starting from the first step in our premises. In our rooms we have invested in stories, ambience and atmosphere. Puzzles are carefully designed to be versatile and insightful. Rooms are properly tested before the release.

Our opinion is that successful room escape experience is based on great rooms and first class customer service. That’s why we provide a game director for every group to guarantee satisfaction. Game director will instruct your group before the game, answer any questions in mind and concentrate just in your game. After the game the game master will explain things puzzling your mind and can take a photo of your group.

Above-mentioned might be the reason why the average of our reviews in Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor is 5/5. We hope you’ll let as offer just as good experiences to your group! Book your game now via our booking calendars. 

How to play

Arrive 15 minutes before the game starts – bigger groups can arrive 20 minutes before the game time. Before the game we’ll go through the rules and instructions with you. Please arrive on time and with your whole team – if you are late we unfortunately have to take the time from your game time so next groups can get to their games on time.

You will enter the room without shoes. All personal belongings will be held outside the game room. We have locked space for your stuff. Rooms provide everything you might need to escape and the game doesn’t require general knowledge.

In the room you will have 60-90 minutes (depending on the room you’re playing) to escape. Game doesn’t require physical strength or agility but cleverness and group skills will be tested. You will have your game director monitoring you through cameras during the game and giving you clues to proceed if needed.

After the game your game director will answer any question in mind and take a few pictures of your group as a souvenir and for social media if wanted. We also would gladly hear feedback about the experience.

Getaway Tampere pakohuoneiden säännöt.


  • Please do not climb. Everything you need will be found within reach.
  • There’s no need to move any large furnitures. There’s nothing to be found underneath or behind them.
  • Do not use force. Room escape is solely a brain game.
  • Please leave your phone outside the room – you won’t need it. Everything required will be found in the room.
  • It is prohibited to take pictures in the escape rooms.
  • Do not touch any plugs.
  • We’ve marked the things you don’t need to touch (i.e. plugs, electrical cables etc) with a red electrical tape.
  • It’s important to search the room completely and carefully to find everything you will need to proceed in the game.
  • The most important thing is to communicate with your team members. Speak out: what you’ve found or noticed, how you think you could combine things, what you think is the answer etc. The key to escape is teamwork. If something won’t be solved immediately don’t be discouraged: ask your team members for help and think it through together.
  • Try everything, be open-minded – there’s no dumb ideas!
  • Combine! If something won’t work out immediately, it’s not necessarily useless. It could be useful a bit later.
  • One key always opens only one lock but some tools might be useful multiple times.
  • There’s a logic behind every problem – nothing is left for guessing.
  • You may freely move all the items in the room. It doesn’t matter where the items were when you found them.