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Escape rooms in Åkerlundinkatu

Idman's Hideaway

Getaway Tampere room escape - Idmanin PiilopirttiNils Idman commited the biggest crime in the history of Nordic countries. Can you solve what happened to the stolen money?


Getaway Tampere room escape - ManserockA singer from a rock band from Tampere has been missing since their last gig and the next gig is about to start. What happened to Raipe? Where is he?


Getaway Tampere room escape - SalakapakkaA dear cultural heritage is in danger. Are you able to send the missing documents to the mayor in time?


Getaway Tampere room escape - NäsinneulaAll the amusement park rides are broken and the park mechanic is missing. What is happening? Can you get the rides up and running before the park opens?

Escape rooms in Satamakatu

Star of the Theater

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Getaway City Escape

City escape game Lost Love was released in May 2020. While playing Lost Love you will be strolling through the streets of Tampere and solve mind-boggling puzzles and a mysterious story taking place in Tampere’s dating scene.

Escape game consulting

Do you need help with your own escape game project? Read more about our escape game consulting services and feel free to contact us so we can find the best solution for you.


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Getaway gift card is the best possible gift – after all, you are giving the joy of succeeding and brainteasing as well as the joy of getting together with family or friends. Team work, problem solving skills and communication within the group are the keys to success in room escape games.

Room escape game is truly a break from everyday life because you will not think of anything else than the task at hand. Getaway room escape games offer you such an unique experience that it will follow you through the years.

Besides that our gift card is awesome, it’s beautifully handcrafted out of Finnish wood. You can purchase the gift card from our webshop or come pick it up from Åkerlundinkatu – call us to make sure that we are here.

Our gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

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in Tampere’s Fun and games -section

  • Good service, clear instructions, interesting case to solve, with a little bit of scary elements. The 13y old girls enjoyed the game!

    Anca G
  • We visited the Getaway Escape with 5 and we played their newest room ‘Speakeasy’. As it had only been open for approximately 2 weeks, we received an email that it had not been translated to English. The staff of Getaway however worked very hard to translate it all in the few days between our booking and our visit, and promised us that if they could not make it, we could play another room. They however managed, and we enjoyed the ‘Speakeasy’ escape room. An exciting room, with plenty of puzzles. We had all played escape rooms before, some of us even quite a few, and we still found it challenging and it definitely contained puzzles that we had not seen before. Getaway Room Escape is surely recommended!

  • Getaway room escape has very nice rooms and the staff is very friendly. The puzzles were very different but always really clear – once you find a solution, it usually works. And even if there are a lot of number locks in here, the puzzles for obtaining the codes varied greatly.
    Best room escape in Tampere!

  • We were a group of three and we can’t speak finnish, but everything is written in english as well. We had so much fun with the excellent riddles and the room itself. The staff was very friendly and we got hints, when we were stuck. If you are in Tampere on a rainy day then go there!

    Jana H
  • Getaway room escape is situated at good and easy to access. It offers experience and joy that you can’t imagine. the staff is friendly and they have good customer services. The instructions are clear and simple so anyone can play the game.