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Idman's Hideaway

A mysterious cabin has been found from the woods of Hämeenkyrö where Nils Idman, the former head of Tampere Compound Bank, was rumoured to spent a lot of time after been released from prison. Idman became known for the biggest fraud in the criminal history of Nordic countries. During the years 1902-1912, he embezzled as much as for one tenth of the then Grand Duchy of Finland – the amount would be tens of millions of euros in present-day. It goes without saying that the incident shook the whole Finland, espcially Tampere and the rumour is that a large amount of money is still missing.

Now you and your team has been given a one-time opportunity to explore the cabin, also known as Idman’s hideaway, in Hämeenkyrö’s forest for the last time. What did Idman do after being released from prison? What happened to the missing money? Dive into the atmospheric Idman’s hideaway and the mysterious fraud story – can you solve the mystery that has been puzzling the Finns for decades before the cabin is demolished?

Idman’s hideaway is available as a regular and as a Challenge game.

Getaway Tampere room escape - Idmanin Piilopirtti

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Getaway Tampere room escape - Manserock

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Raipe is a singer in a Tampere’s uprising rock band Dööti Pois and an admired superstar known for his typical life of a rockstar: fans fainting around him, women and the liquor as a way of life. Lately Raipe has started to act strangely. Once so devoted and lively singer has missed a couple band practices and when he is around, he is absent-minded and the lyrics have been a little weird. Lust for ladies and liquor haven’t been the same.

Last saturday the band threw an amazing gig for their hometown. Raipe disappeared after the gig instead of coming to the band’s traditional after partys. The man has not been seen since then and the rest of the band members are worried. It’s yours and your groups task to enter the Dööti Pois’s rock spirited training house. Can you help the band members to find out what has happened to Raipe? Show must go on!

Nb! Escape room contains rock-styled humor so it is not recommended under 15 years of age.

Manserock is available as a regular and as a Challenge game.


A Tampere city council meeting is starting in an hour in which they are determing a pressing matter that affects the city’s future. The people from Turku have started petition that involves a certain famous and important cultural heritage of Tampere. However, the decision is being made on the wrong grounds because not all documents have been delivered to the council.

One lifeline is yet to be used. You have received an anonymous tip about the place where city counsellors and prominent figures have made decisions along the years away from the public eye – sometimes even in a bit dubious ways. As the matter is too sensitive to be given to police, the city hall’s caretaker is told by the mayor to let you in this mysterious place called Speakeasy… City’s future is in your hands, will you be able to send the crucial document to the mayor in time?

Nb! Speakeasy is Getaway’s most challenging room. We recommend you to play at least one room escape game before taking on this challenge. 

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Getaway Tampere room escape - Salakapakka


Getaway Tampere room escape - Näsinneula

First in Finland: Escape room executed in collaboration with Mensa’s members!

Did you know that Särkänniemi, the second largest amusement park in Finland, opened its gates for the first time almost 50 years ago and it has been elected as the best leisure center in Finland several times. No wonder – besides the amusement park, Särkänniemi features an aquarium, a planetarium, a children’s zoo, an art museum and an observation tower called Näsinneula.

But a disaster is at hand because all the amusement park rides are suddenly broken and the park should open in one hour. We cannot find the park mechanic anywhere – we’ve tried calling, emailing, texting and even yelling his name through all the park megaphones! Pirkko from the hot dog stall told that the mechanic had been acting quite weird and even skipped his daily cotton candy desserts this week.

Can you and your team find out, what has happened to the mechanic and get the rides up and running before the park opens? The carousel operator said he’d often seen the mechanic near by the Näsinneula observation tower. Maybe you could find some clues there? Hurry!

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