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Our newest escape room

The latest addition to our escape rooms, Smugglers, opened on January 2024! 

Smugglers is the second escape room at our Vellamonkatu branch, which opened in the summer of 2023. Set in a stunning environment opposite the Tavara-asema, in an atmospheric basement floor, with an engaging storyline, and surprising technological elements, Smugglers offers a unique experience. Welcome!

Getaway Finlaysonin Sähkövalo

All our escape rooms

Idman’s Hideaway

Getaway room escape Tampereen Idmanin Piilopirtti -pakohuone.

Nils Idman committed the biggest treachery in the history of Nordic countries. Can you solve what happened to the stolen money?


Getaway room escape Tampereen Manserock-pakohuone.

The lead singer of Dööti Pois has been missing since their last gig and the next gig is about to start. What happened to Raipe? Where is he?


Getaway room escape Tampereen Näsinneula-pakohuone.

Most of the amusement park rides are broken and the park mechanic is missing. What is happening? Can you fix the rides before the park opens?


Getaway room escape Tampereen Salakapakka-pakohuone.

A dear cultural heritage is in danger. Are you able to send the missing documents to the mayor in time?

Star of the Theater

Tampereen ainoa 90 minuutin mittainen pakohuone Teatterin tähti.

Theater night takes a surprising turn and you find yourself in the middle of a crime scene! Can you solve the crime? Can the show still go on?

Finlayson’s electric light

Getaway Finlaysonin Sähkövalo

A historic moment is in danger of turning into a catastrophe! Can you ignite the first electric light in the Nordic countries?


Getaway room escape Tampereen Salakapakka-pakohuone.

You’ve been hired to smuggle an important cargo from Turku to Tampere. Will you overcome the obstacles that come your way and get the train and cargo safely to Tampere?