Is your group size 4-12 persons?

The Challenge game is perfect for your group! In a Challenge game your team will be divided into two teams. Each team will be put in two identical rooms in which your teams can compete against time as well as the other team. Challenge game can be played in Manserock or Idman’s Hideaway rooms.

Bigger group?

In room escape games teamwork, problem solving and communication with your team members are the most needed skills which will be tested during the game. Room escape game offers a unique shared experience to the team problem solving offers succeeding experiences and improves team spirit. In room escape game you will loose sense of time so it provides an hour break from your everyday life.

Getaway room escape is also a great option for  bachelor parties, birthdays and get-togethers with friends. If you want to put your friends intelligence in test or start bachelor party with a great surprise, don’t hesitate to ask us! Let’s make your celebration individualised and unforgettable.

The intensity of room escape game unifies any group. There’s space for as much as 36 people to play simultaneously in our 200 m2 room escape game center. Playing one round with 36 people takes time about 1,5 hours so this kind of activity suits perfectly for strict schedule as well. So if you are planning recreation day at work please contact us.

We’ll gladly tell more about our possibilities for different kind of work groups!

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