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We at Getaway are know for our extremely hooking and high-quality escape rooms, which we have gotten a lot of good feedback. You can read all the feedback we’ve got from Getaway Tampere  Tripadvisor-page and Getaway Hämeenlinna  Tripadvisor-page.

After five years of working in escape game industry and with the backgrounds of our team members we have a lot experience and knowhow on designing and building escape games. We are extremely proud of the fact that we design and build everything in our escape games by ourselves. Our small but versatile team masters storytelling, designing and building electronic and mechanic puzzles, facilitating workshops as well as everything regarding the everyday operations of escape game business.

Our team

Behind Getaways escape games you can find a small team of four: Ossi Ojala, Jouni Tomberg, Arlene Ojala and Akseli Tomberg. Ossi, Jouni and Akseli are in charge of designing and building our games, and shortly, Arlene does everything else.?

Ossi is the founder of Getaway Games and after seven years of working in the escape game industry, he sure has a lot of knowhow on designing and building puzzles and escape games. Ossi is the visionary who never runs out of ideas. He sees puzzles everywhere and loves to create and build innovative puzzles and escape games.

Jouni is a Doctor of Electrical Engineering who joined the Getaway team in 2018. He masters both electronic designing and building electronic and mechanic puzzles. In his spare time Jouni is an active Mensa member and writes short stories. His stories have also been awarded in writing competitions.

Arlene is in charge of Getaways marketing and sales measures. Arlene also has knowhow on workshop-methods, facilitating, digital marketing and coordinating large-scale projects. Arlene is a practical and efficient implementer who makes sure that things happen on time and that every person is aware of the core essence of the project at all times.

Akseli is the newest member of our game designing team. Akseli is a multi-talent who’s in charge of all the programming our games require. Akseli also helps with designing and building our games. You can also meet Akseli at out Tampere game centers where he hosts our games. 

Getaway Games Oy pakopelikonsultointi, pakopelien rakennus, elektroniset pulmat ja workshopit.


Do you need help with starting your escape game project? Are you wondering what things you should take in consideration while designing and building an escape game? Do you have a story in mind but you don’t know how to match it with the puzzles and the game room?

In our escape game workshops you get to dive in to the theme of your choice with two of our escape game specialists. The workshop can be a short half-a-day or one day set or can consist of multiple workshop days depending on the scope of your project and the theme you wished for.

If you want more information about our escape game workshops, please leave us a message with the contact form below and tell us more about your project.

Puzzles & Special effects

Are you wondering how you could execute your puzzle ideas? Or do you need help with special effects for your escape room?

We can design and build all kinds of mechanical and electrical puzzles and puzzle elements in our 200m2 well equipped workshop. We also have a lot of experience in designing and building soundscapes and light effects that change and vary as the players proceed in the escape game.

So leave us a message with the contact form below and tell us more about your project and your puzzle and effect needs!

Getaway Games Oy pakopelikonsultointi, pakopelien rakennus, elektroniset pulmat ja workshopit.
Getaway Games Oy pakopelikonsultointi, pakopelien rakennus, elektroniset pulmat ja workshopit.

Help with your whole escape project?

Would you like to have escape game specialists to help you with your entire escape game project? A small puzzle game for your exhibition stand or a whole escape room for your empty retail – we can design and execute your entire project or brainstorm and build together with you!

If you would like to discuss about your project with us, please leave us a message! Let’s find out together what kind of co-operation would be best for you!

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If you have any questions about our escape game consulting services or you would like to ask for a quotation, you can leave us a message via the contact form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! You can also send us a email to or call us 045 7877 9755.

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