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From our Åkerlundinkatu game center you’ll find six game rooms in total, with four different themes. Our Satamakatu game center has one 90 minute escape game. Our Vellamonkatu game center has two escape rooms. Check all the available game times from the booking calendars below. Through our booking calendar you can book one game at a time. Group size for one room can be 2-6 people. If your group has 6 to 12 people we recommend you book a challenge game for Idmans Hideaway or Manserock escape room. If your group size spans over 12 people, please contact us.

If there’s less than 24 hours to the desired game time, give us a call or text to a number +358 45 7877 9755 and ask us if there is still free game times.

Åkerlundinkatu game center

Idman’s hideaway

Regular game

Challenge game


Regular game

Challenge game



Satamakatu game center

Star of the Theater

Vellamonkatu game center

Finlayson’s electric light


Terms of reservation

  • Arrive 15 minutes (no sooner nor later) before the beginning of your game time with your whole group. We don’t let players in our game center sooner to avoid traffic. If you arrive late, we are forced to shorten your game time.
  • You can cancel your reservation 48 hours before the game time by phone or email. For cancellations made later than 48 hours before the game time, we will charge a 50€ cancellation fee. In case of the group does not show up when game time starts either cancel their booking beforehand, full price will be charged.
  • In case of group bookings (more than 12 persons or more than 2 rooms) cancellations and changes must be made at least 7 days before the booked game. For cancellations made after that time span we will charge a 50€ fee per cancelled room. In case of the group does not show up when game time starts either cancel their booking beforehand full price will be charged.
  • We reserve the right to not let intoxicated people or people who don’t listen to instructions and behave poorly towards our game masters into our rooms. In those situations we will charge a 100€ fee for unused reservation.
  • Game will be charged when upon arriving our game centre. Payment methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Smartum, Edenred and ePassi benefits. Unfortunately we don’t accept cash anymore.
  • Billing is possible for companies if agreed beforehand. Billing fee is 6€.
  • If player causes damage to the room, props or tools intentionally or by using excessive force player needs to compensate all expenses.
  • Getaway Games Oy is not responsible for injuries to players caused by careless or reckless behavior.