From our game center at Åkerlundinkatu you can find the following escape rooms: Manserock, Idmans Hideaway, Speakeasy and Näsinneula.
Our Åkerlundinkatu escape game center is located in Tulli area. When standing in front of Tampere-talo main entrance, you will find us by crossing over Yliopistonkatu. If you are coming from city centre direction, you can go pass Hotel Torni or go through Shopping center Tullintori and head to Åkerlundinkatu towards Tampere-talo. You will find us opposite to the Dream hostel. Our address is Åkerlundinkatu 3B 3rd floor. In the evenings the front door is locked so use the door phone and we will open the door for you.



From our game center at Satamakatu you can find our newest escape room Star of The Theater.
Our game center at Satamakatu is located near Hämeenpuisto. Its address is Satamakatu 7 B 32, 33200 Tampere. Our gate is at the right side of Restaurant Henriks. At the gate, use the doorbell which says “Getaway” and we’ll open the gate for you. Then step in, take a few steps and look right and you’ll see our door.


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